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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Copenstudio::ExtensibleIndexIndex pair for IdfObject fields in extensible groups
 Copenstudio::IddFactorySingletonIddFactorySingleton can return IddObjects and IddFiles for the current version of EnergyPlus and OpenStudio
 Copenstudio::IddFieldIddField represents a field in an IddObject, that is, the schema for a single piece of data (alpha or numeric) in an IDF
 Copenstudio::IddFieldPropertiesIddFieldProperties describes the properties of an IddField object, as specified by IDD markup
 Copenstudio::IddFileIddFile provides parsing and printing of text files in Input Data Definition (IDD) format
 Copenstudio::IddFileAndFactoryWrapperWraps the functionality of IddFile and IddFactory into one class for use by IdfFile and Workspace
 Copenstudio::IddKeyIddKey represents an enumeration value for an IDD field of type choice
 Copenstudio::IddKeyPropertiesIddKeyProperties is an all public class describing the properties of an IddKey object
 Copenstudio::IddObjectIddObject represents an object in the Idd
 Copenstudio::IddObjectPropertiesIddObjectProperties describes the properties of an IddObject, as specified by object-level IDD markup