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OpenStudio EnergyPlus Translator

The EnergyPlus Translator module provides the capability to convert OpenStudio models (OSMs) to EnergyPlus IDF format, and the capability to convert EnergyPlus IDFs to OSMs.Converting from an OSM to an IDF is referred to as forward translation; converting an IDF to OSM format is called reverse translation.

OpenStudio Model to EnergyPlus IDF

The ForwardTranslator includes two significant functions: ForwardTranslator::translateModelObject and ForwardTranslator::translateModel. These functions allow translation of a complete OpenStudio model or only part of a model. It is important to understand the depth of the work done by the forward translator. When ForwardTranslator::translateModelObject is called, the specified model object, and possibly also some other related objects, will be translated. Exactly which related model objects get translated is defined by the ModelObject::clone method for a particular object. Behind the scenes, translateModelObject first clones the model object to be translated into a blank Model. This entire model is then translated to IDF. This design is intended to establish consistency of model object boundaries. It can loosely be thought that translating a model object to EnergyPlus IDF is like cloning a model object into an EnergyPlus Workspace. This is only partially correct, however, because the translator is free to change model objects and add new IDF objects as required to make valid IDF snippets.

Translating a complete model using ForwardTranslator::translateModel converts an entire OpenStudio model to EnergyPlus IDF format. The intent is to retain all relationships between model objects, and as a result translateModel does not clone or sever relationships before translating.

EnergyPlus IDF to OpenStudio Model

The ReverseTranslator has one primary function: ReverseTranslator::translateWorkspace. It translates a Workspace following the (current version of the) EnergyPlus IDD into OSM format. At this time, the process can be fairly lossy, especially with regards to HVAC systems. ReverseTranslator::warnings, ReverseTranslator::errors and ReverseTranslator::untranslatedIdfObjects can be used to ascertain which objects were not translated or otherwise lost information.