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openstudio::AWSSession Class Reference

#include <AWSProvider.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for openstudio::AWSSession:

Public Member Functions

 AWSSession (const std::string &sessionId, const boost::optional< Url > &serverUrl, const std::vector< Url > &workerUrls)
 AWSSession (const UUID &uuid, const UUID &versionUUID, const std::string &sessionId, const boost::optional< Url > &serverUrl, const std::string &serverId, const unsigned numServerProcessors, const std::vector< Url > &workerUrls, const std::vector< std::string > &workerIds, const unsigned numWorkerProcessors, const std::string &privateKey, const std::string &timestamp, const std::string &region, const std::string &serverInstanceType, const std::string &workerInstanceType)
 Constructor provided for deserialization; not for general use. More...
virtual ~AWSSession ()
 virtual destructor More...
Class members
std::string serverId () const
unsigned numServerProcessors () const
std::vector< std::string > workerIds () const
unsigned numWorkerProcessors () const
std::string privateKey () const
std::string timestamp () const
std::string region () const
std::string serverInstanceType () const
std::string workerInstanceType () const
unsigned numWorkers () const
unsigned totalSessionUptime () const
unsigned totalSessionInstances () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::CloudSession
void addWorkerUrl (const Url &workerUrl)
void clearWorkerUrls ()
std::string cloudProviderType () const
void resetServerUrl ()
boost::optional< Url > serverUrl () const
std::string sessionId () const
void setServerUrl (const Url &serverUrl)
UUID uuid () const
 Unique identifier for OSP. More...
UUID versionUUID () const
 Unique identifier of version for OSP. More...
std::vector< Url > workerUrls () const
virtual ~CloudSession ()
template<typename T >
cast () const
 cast to type T, can throw std::bad_cast More...
template<typename T >
boost::optional< T > optionalCast () const
 cast to optional of type T More...

Protected Types

typedef detail::AWSSession_Impl ImplType
- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::CloudSession
typedef detail::CloudSession_Impl ImplType

Protected Member Functions

void addWorkerId (const std::string &workerId)
 AWSSession (const std::shared_ptr< detail::AWSSession_Impl > &impl)
void setNumServerProcessors (const unsigned numServerProcessors)
void setNumWorkerProcessors (const unsigned numWorkerProcessors)
void setPrivateKey (const std::string &privateKey)
void setRegion (const std::string &region)
void setServerId (const std::string &serverId)
void setServerInstanceType (const std::string &instanceType)
void setTimestamp (const std::string &timestamp)
void setWorkerInstanceType (const std::string &instanceType)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::CloudSession
 CloudSession (const std::shared_ptr< detail::CloudSession_Impl > &impl)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

typedef boost::optional
< AWSSession

Detailed Description

AWSSession is a CloudSession.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef detail::AWSSession_Impl openstudio::AWSSession::ImplType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::AWSSession::AWSSession ( const std::string &  sessionId,
const boost::optional< Url > &  serverUrl,
const std::vector< Url > &  workerUrls 
openstudio::AWSSession::AWSSession ( const UUID &  uuid,
const UUID &  versionUUID,
const std::string &  sessionId,
const boost::optional< Url > &  serverUrl,
const std::string &  serverId,
const unsigned  numServerProcessors,
const std::vector< Url > &  workerUrls,
const std::vector< std::string > &  workerIds,
const unsigned  numWorkerProcessors,
const std::string &  privateKey,
const std::string &  timestamp,
const std::string &  region,
const std::string &  serverInstanceType,
const std::string &  workerInstanceType 

Constructor provided for deserialization; not for general use.

virtual openstudio::AWSSession::~AWSSession ( )

virtual destructor

openstudio::AWSSession::AWSSession ( const std::shared_ptr< detail::AWSSession_Impl > &  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void openstudio::AWSSession::addWorkerId ( const std::string &  workerId)
unsigned openstudio::AWSSession::numServerProcessors ( ) const
unsigned openstudio::AWSSession::numWorkerProcessors ( ) const
unsigned openstudio::AWSSession::numWorkers ( ) const
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::privateKey ( ) const
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::region ( ) const
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::serverId ( ) const
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::serverInstanceType ( ) const
void openstudio::AWSSession::setNumServerProcessors ( const unsigned  numServerProcessors)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setNumWorkerProcessors ( const unsigned  numWorkerProcessors)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setPrivateKey ( const std::string &  privateKey)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setRegion ( const std::string &  region)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setServerId ( const std::string &  serverId)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setServerInstanceType ( const std::string &  instanceType)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setTimestamp ( const std::string &  timestamp)
void openstudio::AWSSession::setWorkerInstanceType ( const std::string &  instanceType)
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::timestamp ( ) const
unsigned openstudio::AWSSession::totalSessionInstances ( ) const
unsigned openstudio::AWSSession::totalSessionUptime ( ) const
std::vector<std::string> openstudio::AWSSession::workerIds ( ) const
std::string openstudio::AWSSession::workerInstanceType ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

typedef boost::optional<AWSSession> OptionalAWSSession