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openstudio::EulerAngles Class Reference

#include <EulerAngles.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 EulerAngles ()
 default constructor with no rotation More...
 EulerAngles (double psi, double theta, double phi)
 constructor with psi, theta, phi More...
 EulerAngles (const EulerAngles &other)
 copy constructor More...
double phi () const
 get phi More...
double psi () const
 get psi More...
double theta () const
 get theta More...

Detailed Description

Euler angles specify an orientation in space, they characterize: a rotation of psi radians about the x-axis followed by a rotation of theta radians about the y-axis followed by a rotation of phi radians about the z-axis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::EulerAngles::EulerAngles ( )

default constructor with no rotation

openstudio::EulerAngles::EulerAngles ( double  psi,
double  theta,
double  phi 

constructor with psi, theta, phi

openstudio::EulerAngles::EulerAngles ( const EulerAngles other)

copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

double openstudio::EulerAngles::phi ( ) const

get phi

double openstudio::EulerAngles::psi ( ) const

get psi

double openstudio::EulerAngles::theta ( ) const

get theta