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openstudio::ProgressBar Class Reference

#include <ProgressBar.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for openstudio::ProgressBar:

Public Slots

void setRange (int min, int max)
 set range More...
void setValue (int value)
 set value More...
void setWindowTitle (const QString &windowTitle)
 set window title More...


void percentageUpdated (double percentage)
 called every time progress increases by 1% more than last progress More...

Public Member Functions

bool isVisible () const
 get if visible More...
int maximum () const
 get max More...
int minimum () const
 get min More...
virtual void onPercentageUpdated (double percentage)
 virtual method called every time percentageUpdated fires More...
 ProgressBar (bool visible,*parent=nullptr)
 constructor More...
void setMaximum (int max)
 set max More...
void setMinimum (int min)
 set min More...
void setVisible (bool visible)
 set if visible More...
void setWindowTitle (const std::string &title)
 set the window title More...
std::string text () const
 get the text More...
int value () const
 get value More...
std::string windowTitle () const
 get the window title More...
virtual ~ProgressBar ()
 constructor from impl More...

Public Attributes

 constructor More...

Detailed Description

ProgressBar wraps a QProgressBar and provides virtual methods setRange, setValue, and setWindowTitle(QString) which may be overridden.

ProgressBar an atypical QObject because it is designed to be stack allocated. In many cases it would be preferred to connect your own heap allocated QObject to the signals directly rather than using this convenience class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::ProgressBar::ProgressBar ( bool  visible,
parent = nullptr 


virtual openstudio::ProgressBar::~ProgressBar ( )

constructor from impl

virtual destructor

Member Function Documentation

bool openstudio::ProgressBar::isVisible ( ) const

get if visible

int openstudio::ProgressBar::maximum ( ) const

get max

int openstudio::ProgressBar::minimum ( ) const

get min

virtual void openstudio::ProgressBar::onPercentageUpdated ( double  percentage)

virtual method called every time percentageUpdated fires

void openstudio::ProgressBar::percentageUpdated ( double  percentage)

called every time progress increases by 1% more than last progress

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setMaximum ( int  max)

set max

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setMinimum ( int  min)

set min

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setRange ( int  min,
int  max 

set range

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setValue ( int  value)

set value

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setVisible ( bool  visible)

set if visible

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setWindowTitle ( const std::string &  title)

set the window title

void openstudio::ProgressBar::setWindowTitle ( const QString &  windowTitle)

set window title

std::string openstudio::ProgressBar::text ( ) const

get the text

int openstudio::ProgressBar::value ( ) const

get value

std::string openstudio::ProgressBar::windowTitle ( ) const

get the window title

Member Data Documentation

ProgressBar* openstudio::ProgressBar::parent