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openstudio::VagrantSettings Class Reference

#include <VagrantProvider.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for openstudio::VagrantSettings:

Public Member Functions

 VagrantSettings ()
 default constructor, loads defaults from settings More...
 VagrantSettings (const UUID &uuid, const UUID &versionUUID, bool userAgreementSigned, const openstudio::path &serverPath, const openstudio::Url &serverUrl, const openstudio::path &workerPath, const openstudio::Url &workerUrl, bool haltOnStop, const std::string &username, bool terminationDelayEnabled, unsigned terminationDelay)
 Constructor provided for deserialization; not for general use. More...
virtual ~VagrantSettings ()
 virtual destructor More...
Class members
openstudio::path serverPath () const
void setServerPath (const openstudio::path &serverPath)
openstudio::Url serverUrl () const
void setServerUrl (const openstudio::Url &serverUrl)
openstudio::path workerPath () const
void setWorkerPath (const openstudio::path &workerPath)
openstudio::Url workerUrl () const
void setWorkerUrl (const openstudio::Url &workerUrl)
bool haltOnStop () const
void setHaltOnStop (bool haltOnStop)
std::string username () const
void setUsername (const std::string &username)
std::string password () const
void setPassword (const std::string &password)
bool terminationDelayEnabled ()
void setTerminationDelayEnabled (bool enabled)
unsigned terminationDelay ()
void setTerminationDelay (const unsigned delay)
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::CloudSettings
std::string cloudProviderType () const
bool loadSettings (bool overwriteExisting=false)
bool saveToSettings (bool overwriteExisting=false) const
void signUserAgreement (bool agree)
 signs the user agreement if passed in true, unsigns if passed in false More...
bool userAgreementSigned () const
 returns true if the user has signed the user agreement More...
std::string userAgreementText () const
 returns the user agreement text More...
UUID uuid () const
 Unique identifier for OSP. More...
UUID versionUUID () const
 Unique identifier of version for OSP. More...
virtual ~CloudSettings ()
template<typename T >
cast () const
 cast to type T, can throw std::bad_cast More...
template<typename T >
boost::optional< T > optionalCast () const
 cast to optional of type T More...

Protected Types

- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::CloudSettings
typedef detail::CloudSettings_Impl ImplType

Protected Member Functions

 VagrantSettings (const std::shared_ptr< detail::VagrantSettings_Impl > &impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::CloudSettings
 CloudSettings (const std::shared_ptr< detail::CloudSettings_Impl > &impl)

Detailed Description

VagrantSettings is a CloudSettings.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef detail::VagrantSettings_Impl openstudio::VagrantSettings::ImplType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::VagrantSettings::VagrantSettings ( )

default constructor, loads defaults from settings

openstudio::VagrantSettings::VagrantSettings ( const UUID &  uuid,
const UUID &  versionUUID,
bool  userAgreementSigned,
const openstudio::path &  serverPath,
const openstudio::Url &  serverUrl,
const openstudio::path &  workerPath,
const openstudio::Url &  workerUrl,
bool  haltOnStop,
const std::string &  username,
bool  terminationDelayEnabled,
unsigned  terminationDelay 

Constructor provided for deserialization; not for general use.

virtual openstudio::VagrantSettings::~VagrantSettings ( )

virtual destructor

openstudio::VagrantSettings::VagrantSettings ( const std::shared_ptr< detail::VagrantSettings_Impl > &  impl)

Member Function Documentation

bool openstudio::VagrantSettings::haltOnStop ( ) const
std::string openstudio::VagrantSettings::password ( ) const
openstudio::path openstudio::VagrantSettings::serverPath ( ) const
openstudio::Url openstudio::VagrantSettings::serverUrl ( ) const
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setHaltOnStop ( bool  haltOnStop)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setPassword ( const std::string &  password)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setServerPath ( const openstudio::path &  serverPath)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setServerUrl ( const openstudio::Url &  serverUrl)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setTerminationDelay ( const unsigned  delay)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setTerminationDelayEnabled ( bool  enabled)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setUsername ( const std::string &  username)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setWorkerPath ( const openstudio::path &  workerPath)
void openstudio::VagrantSettings::setWorkerUrl ( const openstudio::Url &  workerUrl)
unsigned openstudio::VagrantSettings::terminationDelay ( )
bool openstudio::VagrantSettings::terminationDelayEnabled ( )
std::string openstudio::VagrantSettings::username ( ) const
openstudio::path openstudio::VagrantSettings::workerPath ( ) const
openstudio::Url openstudio::VagrantSettings::workerUrl ( ) const