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openstudio::Vector3d Class Reference

#include <Vector3d.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Vector3d cross (const Vector3d &other) const
 cross product with another Vector3d More...
double dot (const Vector3d &other) const
 dot product with another Vector3d More...
double length () const
 get length More...
bool normalize ()
 normalize to one More...
Vector3d operator+ (const Vector3d &other) const
 addition More...
Vector3doperator+= (const Vector3d &other)
 addition More...
Vector3d operator- (const Vector3d &other) const
 subtraction More...
Vector3doperator-= (const Vector3d &other)
 subtraction More...
bool operator== (const Vector3d &other) const
 check equality More...
Vector3d reverseVector () const
 get a vector which is the reverse of this More...
bool setLength (double newLength)
 set length More...
Vector vector () const
 get the Vector directly More...
 Vector3d ()
 default constructor creates vector with 0, 0, 0 More...
 Vector3d (double x, double y, double z)
 constructor with x, y, z More...
 Vector3d (const Vector3d &other)
 copy constructor More...
double x () const
 get x More...
double y () const
 get y More...
double z () const
 get z More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::Vector3d::Vector3d ( )

default constructor creates vector with 0, 0, 0

openstudio::Vector3d::Vector3d ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z 

constructor with x, y, z

openstudio::Vector3d::Vector3d ( const Vector3d other)

copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

Vector3d openstudio::Vector3d::cross ( const Vector3d other) const

cross product with another Vector3d

double openstudio::Vector3d::dot ( const Vector3d other) const

dot product with another Vector3d

double openstudio::Vector3d::length ( ) const

get length

bool openstudio::Vector3d::normalize ( )

normalize to one

Vector3d openstudio::Vector3d::operator+ ( const Vector3d other) const


Vector3d& openstudio::Vector3d::operator+= ( const Vector3d other)


Vector3d openstudio::Vector3d::operator- ( const Vector3d other) const


Vector3d& openstudio::Vector3d::operator-= ( const Vector3d other)


bool openstudio::Vector3d::operator== ( const Vector3d other) const

check equality

Vector3d openstudio::Vector3d::reverseVector ( ) const

get a vector which is the reverse of this

bool openstudio::Vector3d::setLength ( double  newLength)

set length

Vector openstudio::Vector3d::vector ( ) const

get the Vector directly

double openstudio::Vector3d::x ( ) const

get x

double openstudio::Vector3d::y ( ) const

get y

double openstudio::Vector3d::z ( ) const

get z