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openstudio::Misc1Expnt Struct Reference

#include <Misc1Unit.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Misc1Expnt (int ftH2O=0, int L=0, int day=0, int K=0, int A=0, int cd=0, int mol=0, int rad=0, int sr=0, int people=0, int cycle=0, int dollar=0)

Detailed Description

Structure to hold Misc1Unit exponents needed for Misc1Unit construction.

For purposes of conversion we need a length base unit. Therefore, gal cannot be a base unit. For convenience of construction, Misc1Expnt takes a gal argument, but subsequently this is stored as a power of cube root of gallons (crgal).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::Misc1Expnt::Misc1Expnt ( int  ftH2O = 0,
int  L = 0,
int  day = 0,
int  K = 0,
int  A = 0,
int  cd = 0,
int  mol = 0,
int  rad = 0,
int  sr = 0,
int  people = 0,
int  cycle = 0,
int  dollar = 0