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openstudio::SIExpnt Struct Reference

#include <SIUnit.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SIExpnt (int kg=0, int m=0, int s=0, int K=0, int A=0, int cd=0, int mol=0, int rad=0, int sr=0, int people=0, int cycle=0, int dollar=0)

Detailed Description

Structure to hold SIUnit exponents needed for SIUnit construction.

The first seven units are true base units in the SI system. The last four are, strictly speaking, derived and/or dimensionless units, but have meanings and conversions that are easier to express when they are broken out into distinct elements.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::SIExpnt::SIExpnt ( int  kg = 0,
int  m = 0,
int  s = 0,
int  K = 0,
int  A = 0,
int  cd = 0,
int  mol = 0,
int  rad = 0,
int  sr = 0,
int  people = 0,
int  cycle = 0,
int  dollar = 0