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openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor Struct Reference

#include <QuantityConverter.hpp>

Public Attributes

double factor
double offset
std::string originalUnit
UnitSystem system
std::string targetUnit

Detailed Description

A struct to store all the information necessary to convert from one base unit to another.

All conversions will be handled by going through SI, so these ConversionFactors will be stored in either the toSI or fromSI maps.

Member Data Documentation

double openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor::factor
double openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor::offset
std::string openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor::originalUnit
UnitSystem openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor::system
std::string openstudio::baseUnitConversionFactor::targetUnit