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openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical Class Reference

#include <GroundHeatExchangerVertical.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical:

Public Member Functions

bool addGFunction (double gFunctionLN, double gFunctionGValue)
bool addGFunction (GFunction gFunc)
std::vector< GFunctiongFunctions ()
void removeAllGFunctions ()
void removeGFunction (int groupIndex)
Constructors and Destructors
 GroundHeatExchangerVertical (const Model &model)
virtual ~GroundHeatExchangerVertical ()
boost::optional< double > maximumFlowRate () const
 In EnergyPlus 8.3.0 and above this property maps to the EnergyPlus field "Design Flow Rate". More...
boost::optional< int > numberofBoreHoles () const
boost::optional< double > boreHoleLength () const
boost::optional< double > boreHoleRadius () const
boost::optional< double > groundThermalConductivity () const
boost::optional< double > groundThermalHeatCapacity () const
boost::optional< double > groundTemperature () const
boost::optional< double > designFlowRate () const
 In EnergyPlus 8.3.0 and above this property is not used. More...
boost::optional< double > groutThermalConductivity () const
boost::optional< double > pipeThermalConductivity () const
boost::optional< double > pipeOutDiameter () const
boost::optional< double > uTubeDistance () const
boost::optional< double > pipeThickness () const
boost::optional< double > maximumLengthofSimulation () const
double gFunctionReferenceRatio () const
bool isGFunctionReferenceRatioDefaulted () const
bool setMaximumFlowRate (double maximumFlowRate)
void resetMaximumFlowRate ()
bool setNumberofBoreHoles (int numberofBoreHoles)
void resetNumberofBoreHoles ()
bool setBoreHoleLength (double boreHoleLength)
void resetBoreHoleLength ()
bool setBoreHoleRadius (double boreHoleRadius)
void resetBoreHoleRadius ()
bool setGroundThermalConductivity (double groundThermalConductivity)
void resetGroundThermalConductivity ()
bool setGroundThermalHeatCapacity (double groundThermalHeatCapacity)
void resetGroundThermalHeatCapacity ()
bool setGroundTemperature (double groundTemperature)
void resetGroundTemperature ()
bool setDesignFlowRate (double designFlowRate)
void resetDesignFlowRate ()
bool setGroutThermalConductivity (double groutThermalConductivity)
void resetGroutThermalConductivity ()
bool setPipeThermalConductivity (double pipeThermalConductivity)
void resetPipeThermalConductivity ()
bool setPipeOutDiameter (double pipeOutDiameter)
void resetPipeOutDiameter ()
bool setUTubeDistance (double uTubeDistance)
void resetUTubeDistance ()
bool setPipeThickness (double pipeThickness)
void resetPipeThickness ()
bool setMaximumLengthofSimulation (double maximumLengthofSimulation)
void resetMaximumLengthofSimulation ()
bool setGFunctionReferenceRatio (double gFunctionReferenceRatio)
void resetGFunctionReferenceRatio ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::StraightComponent
bool addToNode (Node &node)
boost::optional< AirLoopHVACairLoopHVAC () const
 Returns the optional AirLoopHVAC object that this AirToAirComponent is attached to. More...
ModelObject clone (Model model) const
void disconnect ()
boost::optional< ModelObjectinletModelObject () const
 Returns the optional ModelObject connected to the inlet port. More...
unsigned inletPort () const
 Returns the inlet port. More...
boost::optional< ModelObjectoutletModelObject () const
 Returns the optional ModelObject connected to the outlet port. More...
unsigned outletPort () const
 Returns the outlet port. More...
< openstudio::IdfObject > 
remove ()
bool removeFromLoop ()
 StraightComponent (IddObjectType type, const Model &model)
virtual ~StraightComponent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::HVACComponent
bool addToNode (Node &node)
 Adds this object to a new system node and returns a boolean indicating if the addition was successful. More...
bool addToSplitter (Splitter &splitter)
 Adds this object to a splitter by creating a new branch. More...
boost::optional< AirLoopHVACairLoopHVAC () const
 Returns the optional AirLoopHVAC object that the HVAC component is attached to. More...
< AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem
airLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem () const
 Returns the optional AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem that the HVAC component is attached to. More...
void applySizingValues ()
void autosize ()
 Returns the optional ModelObject connected to this object's port. More...
boost::optional< HVACComponentcontainingHVACComponent () const
 EnergyPlus unitary equipment and air terminals are typically composed of other HVAC components. More...
< StraightComponent
containingStraightComponent () const
< ZoneHVACComponent
containingZoneHVACComponent () const
 Returns any ZoneHVACComponent that contains this HVACComponent. More...
void disconnect ()
 Removes all connections to other HVACComponent objects. More...
bool isRemovable () const
 Indicates if the HVACComponent can be removed from the model. More...
boost::optional< Looploop () const
 Returns the optional Loop object that the HVAC component is attached to. More...
boost::optional< PlantLoopplantLoop () const
 Returns the optional PlantLoop object that the HVAC component is attached to. More...
std::vector< IdfObject > remove ()
 Removes the HVACComponent from the model only if isRemovable() return true. More...
virtual ~HVACComponent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ParentObject
std::vector< IddObjectType > allowableChildTypes () const
 Returns a vector of allowable children types. More...
std::vector< ModelObjectchildren () const
 Return direct child objects in the Model. More...
virtual ~ParentObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
virtual ~ModelObject ()
ModelObject clone () const
 Creates a deep copy of this object, placing it in this object's model(). More...
ModelObject clone (Model model) const
 Creates a deep copy of this object, placing it in model. More...
Component createComponent () const
 Method for creating sharable Model snippets. More...
Model model () const
 Returns the Model that contains this object. More...
boost::optional< ParentObjectparent () const
 Return this object's parent in the hierarchy, if it has one. More...
std::vector< ResourceObjectresources () const
 Get the resources directly used by this ModelObject. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectSources () const
 Get all objects of type T that point to this object. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectSources (IddObjectType iddObjectType) const
 Get all objects of type T that point to this object. More...
template<typename T >
boost::optional< T > getModelObjectTarget (unsigned index) const
 Get the object of type T pointed to by this object from field index. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectTargets () const
 Get all objects of type T to which this object points. More...
const std::vector< std::string > & outputVariableNames () const
 Get all output variables names that could be associated with this object. More...
std::vector< OutputVariableoutputVariables () const
 Get all output variables associated with this object, must run simulation to generate data. More...
< openstudio::TimeSeries > 
getData (const OutputVariable &variable, const std::string &envPeriod) const
 Get data associated with this output variable and this object. More...
std::vector< LifeCycleCostlifeCycleCosts () const
 Returns the list of all LifeCycleCosts that refer to this object. More...
std::vector< IdfObject > removeLifeCycleCosts ()
 Removes all LifeCycleCosts that refer to this object. More...
IddObjectType iddObjectType () const
 This is a virtual function that will tell you the type of iddObject you are dealing with. More...
AdditionalProperties additionalProperties () const
 Returns this object's additional properties, constructing a new object if necessary. More...
bool hasAdditionalProperties () const
 Returns true if this object has additional properties. More...
std::vector< IdfObject > removeAdditionalProperties ()
 Removes all additional properties that refer to this object. More...
bool setParent (ParentObject &newParent)
 set the parent, child may have to call non-const methods on the parent More...
bool operator< (const ModelObject &right) const
bool operator== (const ModelObject &other) const
 equality test More...
bool operator!= (const ModelObject &other) const
 inequality test More...
std::vector< ScheduleTypeKeygetScheduleTypeKeys (const Schedule &schedule) const
 Return the ScheduleTypeKeys indicating how schedule is used in this object. More...
boost::optional< double > getAutosizedValue (std::string valueName, std::string unitString) const
 Gets the autosized component value from the sql file. More...
virtual std::vector
< EMSActuatorNames
emsActuatorNames () const
 Return the names of the available ems actuators. More...
virtual std::vector< std::string > emsInternalVariableNames () const
 Return the names of the available ems internal variables. More...
boost::optional< ModelObjectconnectedObject (unsigned port) const
boost::optional< unsigned > connectedObjectPort (unsigned port) const

Static Public Member Functions

static IddObjectType iddObjectType ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

typedef std::vector
< GroundHeatExchangerVertical
typedef boost::optional
< GroundHeatExchangerVertical

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::model::HVACComponent
typedef detail::HVACComponent_Impl ImplType
- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
typedef detail::ModelObject_Impl ImplType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::HVACComponent
virtual std::vector< ModelObjectchildren () const
 HVACComponent (IddObjectType type, const Model &model)
 HVACComponent (std::shared_ptr< ImplType > impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ParentObject
 ParentObject (IddObjectType type, const Model &model)
 Constructs a new ParentObject object in the model. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
 ModelObject (IddObjectType type, const Model &model, bool fastName=false)
 ModelObject (std::shared_ptr< detail::ModelObject_Impl > impl)

Detailed Description

GroundHeatExchangerVertical is a StraightComponent that wraps the OpenStudio IDD object 'OS:GroundHeatExchanger:Vertical'.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::GroundHeatExchangerVertical ( const Model model)
virtual openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::~GroundHeatExchangerVertical ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::addGFunction ( double  gFunctionLN,
double  gFunctionGValue 
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::addGFunction ( GFunction  gFunc)
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::boreHoleLength ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::boreHoleRadius ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::designFlowRate ( ) const

In EnergyPlus 8.3.0 and above this property is not used.

double openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::gFunctionReferenceRatio ( ) const
std::vector< GFunction > openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::gFunctions ( )
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::groundTemperature ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::groundThermalConductivity ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::groundThermalHeatCapacity ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::groutThermalConductivity ( ) const
static IddObjectType openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::iddObjectType ( )
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::isGFunctionReferenceRatioDefaulted ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::maximumFlowRate ( ) const

In EnergyPlus 8.3.0 and above this property maps to the EnergyPlus field "Design Flow Rate".

boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::maximumLengthofSimulation ( ) const
boost::optional<int> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::numberofBoreHoles ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::pipeOutDiameter ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::pipeThermalConductivity ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::pipeThickness ( ) const
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::removeAllGFunctions ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::removeGFunction ( int  groupIndex)
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetBoreHoleLength ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetBoreHoleRadius ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetDesignFlowRate ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetGFunctionReferenceRatio ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetGroundTemperature ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetGroundThermalConductivity ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetGroundThermalHeatCapacity ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetGroutThermalConductivity ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetMaximumFlowRate ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetMaximumLengthofSimulation ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetNumberofBoreHoles ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetPipeOutDiameter ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetPipeThermalConductivity ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetPipeThickness ( )
void openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::resetUTubeDistance ( )
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setBoreHoleLength ( double  boreHoleLength)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setBoreHoleRadius ( double  boreHoleRadius)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setDesignFlowRate ( double  designFlowRate)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setGFunctionReferenceRatio ( double  gFunctionReferenceRatio)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setGroundTemperature ( double  groundTemperature)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setGroundThermalConductivity ( double  groundThermalConductivity)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setGroundThermalHeatCapacity ( double  groundThermalHeatCapacity)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setGroutThermalConductivity ( double  groutThermalConductivity)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setMaximumFlowRate ( double  maximumFlowRate)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setMaximumLengthofSimulation ( double  maximumLengthofSimulation)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setNumberofBoreHoles ( int  numberofBoreHoles)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setPipeOutDiameter ( double  pipeOutDiameter)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setPipeThermalConductivity ( double  pipeThermalConductivity)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setPipeThickness ( double  pipeThickness)
bool openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::setUTubeDistance ( double  uTubeDistance)
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::GroundHeatExchangerVertical::uTubeDistance ( ) const

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