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openstudio::model::DaylightingControl Class Reference

#include <DaylightingControl.hpp>

+ Inheritance diagram for openstudio::model::DaylightingControl:

Public Member Functions

bool aimAt (const Point3d &target)
 Keeps current position and orients the view towards the target, target is in space coordinates. More...
bool isPrimaryDaylightingControl () const
 Is this the primary control point for the containing ThermalZone. More...
bool isSecondaryDaylightingControl () const
 Is this the secondary control point for the containing ThermalZone. More...
openstudio::Point3d position () const
 Returns a Point3d representing position only in meters relative to the Space. More...
bool setPosition (const openstudio::Point3d &position)
 Sets a Point3d representing position only position in meters relative to the Space. More...
bool setTransformation (const openstudio::Transformation &transformation)
 Sets a Transformation representing position and orientation in meters relative to the Space. More...
openstudio::Transformation transformation () const
 Returns a Transformation representing position and orientation in meters relative to the Space. More...
Constructors and Destructors
 DaylightingControl (const Model &model)
virtual ~DaylightingControl ()
double positionXCoordinate () const
double positionYCoordinate () const
double positionZCoordinate () const
double psiRotationAroundXAxis () const
bool isPsiRotationAroundXAxisDefaulted () const
double thetaRotationAroundYAxis () const
bool isThetaRotationAroundYAxisDefaulted () const
double phiRotationAroundZAxis () const
bool isPhiRotationAroundZAxisDefaulted () const
double illuminanceSetpoint () const
bool isIlluminanceSetpointDefaulted () const
std::string lightingControlType () const
bool isLightingControlTypeDefaulted () const
double minimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl () const
bool isMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControlDefaulted () const
double minimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl () const
bool isMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControlDefaulted () const
int numberofSteppedControlSteps () const
bool isNumberofSteppedControlStepsDefaulted () const
double probabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl () const
bool isProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControlDefaulted () const
int numberofDaylightingViews () const
bool isNumberofDaylightingViewsDefaulted () const
boost::optional< double > maximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex () const
void setPositionXCoordinate (double positionXCoordinate)
void setPositionYCoordinate (double positionYCoordinate)
void setPositionZCoordinate (double positionZCoordinate)
void setPsiRotationAroundXAxis (double psiRotationAroundXAxis)
void resetPsiRotationAroundXAxis ()
void setThetaRotationAroundYAxis (double thetaRotationAroundYAxis)
void resetThetaRotationAroundYAxis ()
void setPhiRotationAroundZAxis (double phiRotationAroundZAxis)
void resetPhiRotationAroundZAxis ()
bool setIlluminanceSetpoint (double illuminanceSetpoint)
void resetIlluminanceSetpoint ()
bool setLightingControlType (std::string lightingControlType)
void resetLightingControlType ()
bool setMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl (double minimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl)
void resetMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ()
bool setMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl (double minimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl)
void resetMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ()
void setNumberofSteppedControlSteps (int numberofSteppedControlSteps)
void resetNumberofSteppedControlSteps ()
bool setProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl (double probabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl)
void resetProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl ()
bool setNumberofDaylightingViews (int numberofDaylightingViews)
void resetNumberofDaylightingViews ()
bool setMaximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex (double maximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex)
void resetMaximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::SpaceItem
void resetSpace ()
bool setSpace (const Space &space)
 Sets the parent Space. More...
boost::optional< Spacespace () const
 Returns the parent Space. More...
virtual ~SpaceItem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
virtual ~ModelObject ()
ModelObject clone () const
 Creates a deep copy of this object, placing it in this object's model(). More...
ModelObject clone (Model model) const
 Creates a deep copy of this object, placing it in model. More...
Component createComponent () const
 Method for creating sharable Model snippets. More...
std::vector< std::string > relationshipNames () const
 Return all valid relationship names. More...
std::vector< Relationshiprelationships () const
 Return all relationships for this ModelObject. More...
boost::optional< RelationshipgetRelationship (const std::string &name) const
 Get the relationship named name, if it exists. More...
bool setRelationship (const std::string &name, boost::optional< ModelObject > relatedModelObject)
 Set this ModelObject's relationship name to point to relatedModelObject (or clear the relationship if relatedModelObject == boost::none). More...
bool setRelationship (const std::string &name, const Component &component)
 Inserts component into this model and sets this ModelObject's relationship name to point to component.primaryObject(). More...
std::vector< std::string > attributeNames () const
 Return all valid attribute names. More...
< openstudio::Attribute
attributes () const
 Return all Attributes for this ModelObject. More...
< openstudio::Attribute
getAttribute (const std::string &name) const
 Get the attribute named name, if it exists. More...
bool isSettableAttribute (const std::string &name) const
 Is the named attribute settable. More...
bool isOptionalAttribute (const std::string &name) const
 Is the named attribute optional. More...
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, bool value)
 Set the attribute named name, if it exists. More...
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, int value)
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, unsigned value)
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, double value)
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, const Quantity &value)
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, const std::string &value)
bool setAttribute (const std::string &name, const char *value)
bool resetAttribute (const std::string &name)
 Reset the attribute named name. More...
Model model () const
 Returns the Model that contains this object. More...
boost::optional< ParentObjectparent () const
 Return this object's parent in the hierarchy, if it has one. More...
std::vector< ResourceObjectresources () const
 Get the resources directly used by this ModelObject. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectSources () const
 Get all objects of type T that point to this object. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectSources (IddObjectType iddObjectType) const
 Get all objects of type T that point to this object. More...
template<typename T >
boost::optional< T > getModelObjectTarget (unsigned index) const
 Get the object of type T pointed to by this object from field index. More...
template<typename T >
std::vector< T > getModelObjectTargets () const
 Get all objects of type T to which this object points. More...
const std::vector< std::string > & outputVariableNames () const
 Get all output variables names that could be associated with this object. More...
std::vector< OutputVariableoutputVariables () const
 Get all output variables associated with this object, must run simulation to generate data. More...
< openstudio::TimeSeries
getData (const OutputVariable &variable, const std::string &envPeriod) const
 Get data associated with this output variable and this object. More...
std::vector< LifeCycleCostlifeCycleCosts () const
 Returns the list of all LifeCycleCosts that refer to this object. More...
std::vector< IdfObjectremoveLifeCycleCosts ()
 Removes all LifeCycleCosts that refer to this object. More...
IddObjectType iddObjectType () const
 This is a virtual function that will tell you the type of iddObject you are dealing with. More...
bool setParent (ParentObject &newParent)
 set the parent, child may have to call non-const methods on the parent More...
bool operator< (const ModelObject &right) const
bool operator== (const ModelObject &other) const
 equality test More...
bool operator!= (const ModelObject &other) const
 inequality test More...
std::vector< ScheduleTypeKeygetScheduleTypeKeys (const Schedule &schedule) const
 Return the ScheduleTypeKeys indicating how schedule is used in this object. More...
boost::optional< ModelObjectconnectedObject (unsigned port) const
boost::optional< unsigned > connectedObjectPort (unsigned port) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::WorkspaceObject
bool canBeSource () const
bool canBeSource (unsigned index, const std::vector< std::string > &refLists=std::vector< std::string >()) const
std::vector< std::string > canBeTarget () const
std::vector< unsigned > getSourceIndices (const Handle &targetHandle) const
std::vector< WorkspaceObjectgetSources (IddObjectType type) const
boost::optional< WorkspaceObjectgetTarget (unsigned index) const
IdfObject idfObject ()
IdfObject idfObject () const
bool initialized () const
bool isSource () const
bool isTarget () const
unsigned numSources () const
bool objectListFieldsEqual (const WorkspaceObject &other) const
bool objectListFieldsNonConflicting (const WorkspaceObject &other) const
bool operator< (const WorkspaceObject &right) const
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const WorkspaceObject &workspaceObject)
< openstudio::IdfObject
remove ()
bool setPointer (unsigned index, const Handle &targetHandle)
std::vector< WorkspaceObjectsources () const
std::vector< WorkspaceObjecttargets () const
Workspace workspace () const
virtual ~WorkspaceObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::IdfObject
std::string briefDescription () const
cast () const
std::vector< T > castVector (const std::vector< U > &objects)
std::vector< std::vector
< std::string > > 
clearExtensibleGroups ()
IdfObject clone (bool keepHandle=false) const
std::string comment () const
boost::optional< std::string > createName (bool overwrite=true)
std::vector< unsigned > dataFields () const
bool dataFieldsEqual (const IdfObject &other) const
std::vector< std::string > eraseExtensibleGroup (unsigned groupIndex)
std::vector< IdfExtensibleGroupextensibleGroups () const
boost::optional< std::string > fieldComment (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false) const
boost::optional< double > getDouble (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false) const
IdfExtensibleGroup getExtensibleGroup (unsigned groupIndex) const
std::vector< Handle > getHandles (const std::vector< T > &objects)
boost::optional< intgetInt (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false) const
OSOptionalQuantity getQuantity (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false, bool returnIP=false) const
boost::optional< std::string > getString (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false, bool returnUninitializedEmpty=false) const
boost::optional< unsigned > getUnsigned (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false) const
boost::optional< QUrl > getURL (unsigned index, bool returnDefault=false) const
Handle handle () const
IddObject iddObject () const
 IdfObject (IddObjectType type, bool fastName=false)
 IdfObject (const IddObject &, bool fastName=false)
 IdfObject (const IdfObject &other)
IdfExtensibleGroup insertExtensibleGroup (unsigned groupIndex)
IdfExtensibleGroup insertExtensibleGroup (unsigned groupIndex, const std::vector< std::string > &values)
bool isDataField (unsigned index) const
bool isEmpty (unsigned index) const
bool isObjectListField (unsigned index) const
bool isValid (StrictnessLevel level) const
boost::optional< unsigned > maxExtensibleGroups () const
boost::optional< unsigned > maxFields () const
unsigned minExtensibleGroups () const
unsigned minFields () const
boost::optional< std::string > name (bool returnDefault=false) const
unsigned numExtensibleGroups () const
unsigned numFields () const
unsigned numNonextensibleFields () const
std::vector< unsigned > objectListFields () const
bool objectListFieldsEqual (const IdfObject &other) const
bool objectListFieldsNonConflicting (const IdfObject &other) const
bool operator!= (const IdfObject &other) const
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const IdfObject &IdfObject)
bool operator== (const IdfObject &other) const
boost::optional< T > optionalCast () const
std::vector< std::string > popExtensibleGroup ()
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &os) const
std::ostream & printField (std::ostream &os, unsigned index, bool isLastField=false) const
std::ostream & printName (std::ostream &os, bool hasFields=true) const
IdfExtensibleGroup pushExtensibleGroup (const std::vector< std::string > &values)
IdfExtensibleGroup pushExtensibleGroup ()
std::vector< unsigned > requiredFields () const
void setComment (const std::string &msg)
bool setDouble (unsigned index, double value)
bool setFieldComment (unsigned index, const std::string &cmnt)
bool setInt (unsigned index, int value)
boost::optional< std::string > setName (const std::string &newName)
bool setQuantity (unsigned index, const Quantity &q)
bool setString (unsigned index, const std::string &value)
bool setUnsigned (unsigned index, unsigned value)
std::vector< T > subsetCastVector (const std::vector< U > &original)
ValidityReport validityReport (StrictnessLevel level, bool checkNames=true) const
virtual ~IdfObject ()

Static Public Member Functions

Static Methods
static IddObjectType iddObjectType ()
static std::vector< std::string > validLightingControlTypeValues ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from openstudio::IdfObject
static boost::optional< IdfObjectload (const std::string &text)
static boost::optional< IdfObjectload (const std::string &text, const IddObject &iddObject)
static int printedFieldSpace ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

typedef std::vector
< DaylightingControl
typedef boost::optional
< DaylightingControl

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from openstudio::WorkspaceObject
typedef boost::optional
< WorkspaceObject
typedef std::vector
< WorkspaceObject
- Public Types inherited from openstudio::IdfObject
typedef std::pair< IdfObject,
typedef std::vector< IdfObjectIdfObjectVector
typedef boost::optional
< IdfObject
- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
typedef detail::ModelObject_Impl ImplType
- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::WorkspaceObject
- Protected Types inherited from openstudio::IdfObject
typedef detail::IdfObject_Impl ImplType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::SpaceItem
 SpaceItem (IddObjectType type, const Model &model)
 Constructs a new SpaceItem object in the model. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::model::ModelObject
 ModelObject (IddObjectType type, const Model &model, bool fastName=false)
 ModelObject (std::shared_ptr< detail::ModelObject_Impl > impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::WorkspaceObject
 WorkspaceObject (std::shared_ptr< detail::WorkspaceObject_Impl > impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from openstudio::IdfObject
 IdfObject (std::shared_ptr< detail::IdfObject_Impl > impl)

Detailed Description

DaylightingControl is a SpaceItem that wraps the OpenStudio IDD object 'OS:Daylighting:Control'.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::DaylightingControl ( const Model model)
virtual openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::~DaylightingControl ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::aimAt ( const Point3d target)

Keeps current position and orients the view towards the target, target is in space coordinates.

static IddObjectType openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::iddObjectType ( )
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::illuminanceSetpoint ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isIlluminanceSetpointDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isLightingControlTypeDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControlDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControlDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isNumberofDaylightingViewsDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isNumberofSteppedControlStepsDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isPhiRotationAroundZAxisDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isPrimaryDaylightingControl ( ) const

Is this the primary control point for the containing ThermalZone.

bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControlDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isPsiRotationAroundXAxisDefaulted ( ) const
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isSecondaryDaylightingControl ( ) const

Is this the secondary control point for the containing ThermalZone.

bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::isThetaRotationAroundYAxisDefaulted ( ) const
std::string openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::lightingControlType ( ) const
boost::optional<double> openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::maximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::minimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::minimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( ) const
int openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::numberofDaylightingViews ( ) const
int openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::numberofSteppedControlSteps ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::phiRotationAroundZAxis ( ) const
openstudio::Point3d openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::position ( ) const

Returns a Point3d representing position only in meters relative to the Space.

double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::positionXCoordinate ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::positionYCoordinate ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::positionZCoordinate ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::probabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl ( ) const
double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::psiRotationAroundXAxis ( ) const
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetIlluminanceSetpoint ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetLightingControlType ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetMaximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetNumberofDaylightingViews ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetNumberofSteppedControlSteps ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetPhiRotationAroundZAxis ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetPsiRotationAroundXAxis ( )
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::resetThetaRotationAroundYAxis ( )
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setIlluminanceSetpoint ( double  illuminanceSetpoint)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setLightingControlType ( std::string  lightingControlType)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setMaximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex ( double  maximumAllowableDiscomfortGlareIndex)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setMinimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( double  minimumInputPowerFractionforContinuousDimmingControl)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setMinimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl ( double  minimumLightOutputFractionforContinuousDimmingControl)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setNumberofDaylightingViews ( int  numberofDaylightingViews)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setNumberofSteppedControlSteps ( int  numberofSteppedControlSteps)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPhiRotationAroundZAxis ( double  phiRotationAroundZAxis)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPosition ( const openstudio::Point3d position)

Sets a Point3d representing position only position in meters relative to the Space.

Does not change the orientation of the DaylightingControl.

void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPositionXCoordinate ( double  positionXCoordinate)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPositionYCoordinate ( double  positionYCoordinate)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPositionZCoordinate ( double  positionZCoordinate)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setProbabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl ( double  probabilityLightingwillbeResetWhenNeededinManualSteppedControl)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setPsiRotationAroundXAxis ( double  psiRotationAroundXAxis)
void openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setThetaRotationAroundYAxis ( double  thetaRotationAroundYAxis)
bool openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::setTransformation ( const openstudio::Transformation transformation)

Sets a Transformation representing position and orientation in meters relative to the Space.

double openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::thetaRotationAroundYAxis ( ) const
openstudio::Transformation openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::transformation ( ) const

Returns a Transformation representing position and orientation in meters relative to the Space.

static std::vector<std::string> openstudio::model::DaylightingControl::validLightingControlTypeValues ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

typedef std::vector<DaylightingControl> DaylightingControlVector
typedef boost::optional<DaylightingControl> OptionalDaylightingControl